The impact of the Software Management Tool and Software Development process on the delivery of a software product: A case study of a large-scale organization

MSc student: Ajla Sokol

Mentor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Kanita Karadjuzovic-Hadziabdic

A large-scale organization that I work with currently is undergoing a huge transformation in their IT department, where they are focused on transforming their process and way of working towards more Agile setup. The inspiration they have taken as their guidelines into how to set up the whole delivery is called the Scaled Agile Framework.

Scaled Agile Framework is a hot topic nowadays in software development, especially if you work with large, complex projects and organizations that need to collaborate with different business value areas that include multiple Teams. All of this Agile transformation is done by the implementation of a new tool that we work with, which is called Azure DevOps Services. That tool is where we will gather our data from, as it is a tool that is used for this whole software development lifecycle. In Azure DevOps, all users that work within this setup add their plans, refine their work, add details of the work, add code, add all the testing details and add release/deployment details as well.

The data that we get from Azure DevOps is what we will add inside the Power BI tool in order to create charts and do an analysis of those charts. Power BI is a Microsoft tool that provides you with possibilities to adjust how you want to display your data. It has a direct connection with Azure DevOps, so it is able to help us out in the analysis.

Another thing that we wanted to point out in this research is the overall influence that process (in this case Agile) has on delivery, and the influence of the tool (in this case Azure DevOps) when compared to the older tool that was used for delivery and project management. We will also understand how fast they have started to deliver and release things, and if this process has had any influence on cost. We also included additional research question that is related to how the transformation has been influenced by a current pandemic that is going on.