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Manager's Message

Research & Development Center

Dear students,

Welcome to the Research and Development Center (RDC).


RDC was established in 2013 to provide a significant niche in the education and research. Over a period of a decade, it has grown as an institution involved in different engineering fields. We are preparing the next generation of students who will develop their knowledge and research skills and carry them forward in the years of their education and professional development. The RDC is committed to create an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence, strongly supporting interdisciplinary research and development for the benefit of our students.


Senior Assistant
Lejla Mahmutović

One of the pillars of education is research, through which we can gather new knowledge and information for the enhancement of intellectual understanding and guide in decision-making abilities. RDC is ideally placed to exploit the synergy within the engineering and science departments at the International University of Sarajevo. In doing so, we believe that RDC will continue to create a positive working atmosphere to make significant contributions to the research.

So far, many students have obtained their Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees from Genetics and Bioengineering, Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at RDC, which gave them great scientific background for their further education and professional development. In the long run, we envision RDC to be in the forefront of scholarly research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will also be recognized by the international academic community.

We believe that all our efforts will grow into significant achievements in many areas of science and engineering and will result in academic innovation, top journal publications, citations and technology developments.

As you navigate through the pages of this website, you will have the opportunity to read more about the outputs and achievements of our dedicated students and our experienced professors.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Senior Assistant Lejla Mahmutović

Research and Development Center Manager

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