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Prospective GBE Students Take Part in Two Lab Experiments at RDC

On January 14 and January 21, 2022, groups of prospective students of Genetics and Bioengineering program visited the International University of Sarajevo. Students were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Altijana Hromic-Jahjaefendić and Prof. Dr. Jasmin Šutković. After a brief presentation about IUS and GBE program, prospective students were taken on a campus tour where they had an opportunity to visit the IUS library, sports hall, gym and all other facilities at the IUS campus.

Afterwards, with the help of IUS Lab Technician Mr. Abas Sezer, students had a unique opportunity to participate in bacterial DNA isolation, PCR and DNA quantification experiments in the IUS Research and Development Center (RDC).

We highly encourage all interested high school students to apply for the upcoming scholarship testing at IUS, test their knowledge and win scholarships up to 100%! GBE program academic staff is at disposal for all interested students willing to come and visit IUS Research and Development Center.


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