Psychology Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory was established in 2016 as a part of regular research and teaching activities of professors, assistants and students from IUS Psychology Program.  It includes room equipped with computers, software, virtual lab, psychological tests and manuals.

Both SPSS and JASP software are installed in order to support smooth implementation of lectures on statistics, cognitive and experimental psychology, as well as research activities. PsyCog virtual lab allows staff to conduct experiments in the area of cognitive psychology and to practice basic elements of psychological research during tutorials.  A wide range of psychological instruments (including WISC, WAIS, MMPI, Big Five, Draw a Person, Raven's matrices and more) allows implementation of different types of active tutorials in the areas of experimental, cognitive, developmental, and clinical psychology.

Designed in such way, PSY Laboratory will continue to develop and to provide place where professors and students can practice and apply modern research techniques in a wider scope of psychological science.